About Elise Willa Pincu Delfield

I am a full-time studio potter and pottery instructor, living and working in beautiful Bryson City, North Carolina, a gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

My goal is to make Unique and beautiful pottery that is appropriate for every day and special occassions. My pottery is hand-crafted, either on the potter’s wheel or with slabs of clay (hand built).

My focus is on function, and I strive to make sure my pottery feels comfortable in the hand and functions well. Beyond that basic premise, I try to imbue in my pots my interpretation of the colors and forms I see here in my Western North Carolina home. I chose to use red clay as a symbol of the wonderful red dirt under my feet. (I also chose it because historically it has been the most abundant clay and the clay used for regular folk, as opposed to the porcelain of kings and queens). The dents I sometimes put in my pots reference budding flowers and the undulating landscape of the Great Smoky Mountains. And before I glaze my pots with my unique glaze, formulated through years of research, I paint each like a unique watercolor painting, adding color and form reminiscent of flowers and songbirds and butterflies.

I fire my pottery in an electric kiln to cone 4 (2100 degrees F) so that each piece sings when tapped.  I just love the high pitch sound of a ‘tight’ clay body and feel that sound, as well as touch, are important to the overall sensory experience of handmade pottery.

I am a proud member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild. My pottery has been published in several books and has found its way to Europe, Asia and Australia.

Along with making pottery, I also teach.  I am a faculty member at Southwestern Community College in the Heritage Arts program that offers a Master Potter Certificate. I have also taught at the John C. Campbell Folk School, at studios around the country and via Skype.

Please take a look at my Artist Statement and Resume.

When I am not making or teaching, I try to spend time outdoors. I love to hike with my husband Jeff and dog, Peetee. If it gets too hot, Jeff and I attempt to whitewater kayak (we are new to the sport). And of course, I love to have a garden and grow my own food – it just tastes so much better! In my dreams I have a wood oven to bake bread… right now I bake in my gas oven.

In the evenings, I enjoy playing tug-of-war with Peetee, knitting and sitting on the couch, watching movies and eating popcorn and drinking craft beer with Jeff. Occasionally I will pick up the upright bass and jam with Jeff and friends.

You are welcome to contact me (NO SPAM, PLEASE) to inquire about my pottery for sale or workshops I conduct.  Email me at pincupottery(at)gmail.com




  1. Betty · March 14, 2009

    Love your blog!! And your pottery, photography and bread!

    • Margaret · March 14, 2009

      I personnaly love the bowls and plates and cups that you.ve made. i use mine every day. I loof forward to seeing your work shop/gallery..

      • pincupottery · March 14, 2009

        THanks, Margaret! I really appreciate your compliments! I do hope you stop by when I open!

  2. Margaret Marr · March 14, 2009

    Hi Elise! I announced your grand opening on my FaceBook page. Hope you have a great turnout :-D

  3. Robbie Teasdale · March 14, 2009

    I just bought one of your mugs and it’s beautiful!!! I will come see Pincu someday hopefully soon. I grew up in Kenya and did pottery at my high school there. Just moved to Robbinsville but am looking for opportunities in claywork.


    • pincupottery · March 14, 2009

      Thanks, Robbie!

      I hope you enjoy using the mug, too! Stop by anytime Tuesday – Saturday from 10-4. I offer 2-hour classes at my shop. If you don’t mind the trip to Bryson, you may look into taking a class at Southwestern Community College where you can learn pottery and have access to a studio daily!

      • Robb · March 14, 2009

        Thanks again for helping me with my roses! She loves them! We are getting married this summer!

      • pincupottery · March 14, 2009

        CONGRATULATIONS!!! Bring her by sometime to say hello.

  4. Maureen (Mo) Diaz · March 14, 2009

    I bought a beautiful teapot and 2 cups on Sunday! They are so wonderful!!! So are you! I am so happy with my purchase! I also enjoyed talking to you and your husband – its funny, I saw so much pottery on Sunday – but yours was the only one that “spoke” to my soul!!! I am the blonde that came back 3 times before I made my purchase! I am thrilled! I will purchase many more items!!! Have a great day! Mo

  5. Caryn · March 14, 2009

    I was so excited to win your bowl today at the silent auction at the WNC pottery festival in Dillsboro! Love your work and have included your piece with my growing pottery collection of WNC potters. Reading your bio, saw that you were a librarian and now make pots full time. I am a librarian at an elementary school and look forward in a few more years to retiring (early!) and following my passion as well! Thanks for sharing your gift and creating the gorgeous pots that you make.

  6. Deborah · March 14

    Will you be at the Southwestern Arts & Crafts this Saturday?

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