Tools for Sale

Pincu Pottery has the BEST selection of Pottery Tools in WNC, West of Asheville!


Mud Tools – Those irresistible ribs, cut-off wires and a fold-able needle tool that won’t stick you!

Mud Tools wire

Wire by MudTools – love the handle!

Mud Tools ribs for potters

Ribs of various stiffness, fabulous colors!

Stainless Steel rib

MudTools hard, stainless steel rib. Nothin’ like it!

Chinese Clayart Texture Mats – Even Martha Stewart couldn’t resist!

Texture Mats

Chinese Clay Art texture mats – too much fun!!

Dolan Tools – Some of the best trim tools around!

Dolan Trim Tools

Dolan Trim Tools are wonderful!

DooWoo Tools – A pleasure to hold.

I carry kits for beginners and individual tools for those that cannot get enough!

Doo Woo Tools

Doo Woo pottery tool kit

Kemper – Best Known Pottery Tools in the USA

Hole punch

Hole punch for teapots, colanders, etc.

Kemper rubber shaper

Rubber shaper by Kemper

Come browse the selection of tools.

I am always there to help – and can even give a demo on how I would use a tool – of course, tools are a personal business, so buy ’em, use ’em and come back to tell me how you used ’em!

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