Classes @ Southwestern Community College

Today begins another session of pottery classes at the Heritage Arts Institute at Southwestern Community College.  We have the BEST Ceramics program in Western North Carolina!!!

There is still time to register and join us!  Here is the list of classes I will be teaching this summer:

Beginner/Intermediate Wheel – Tuesday and Thursday nights 6-9 pm.  Come one, Come all – no experience necessary!

Handbuilding with Clay – Monday afternoons 1-5 PM.  Learn to make pots and sculpture without any fancy, expensive tools! No experience necessary.

Pots out of Round – Know how to center a ball of clay on the wheel and make a cylinder?  Now lets learn to get it out of the round and into square, triangle, or anything else not round!  This class will be truly fun for intermediate to advanced throwers!  Mon and Wed. nights 6-9 PM.

Go to the Heritage Arts website and check out the dates.  Mark your calendar and call to register!  It’s never too late to learn to pot!

New Kiln and Studio

Updating you all on my projects:

the new Manabigama @ Southwestern Community College

Bricking up arch

Bricking up arch - the beginning

View of poured castable key in kiln arch

View of poured castable key in arch

Joe Frank McKee looking at kiln

JoeFrank McKee having a look at kiln arch

Inside Kiln arch

Inside Kiln Arch

JoeFrank McKee and his students have worked diligently during Tuesday and Thursday night class to build the kiln.  So far, so good.  We have an arch.  Thursday the back is bricked in and we start the climb upwards for the flu/chimney.

If all goes right, we should be firing in a few weeks!  Yippers!

Thanks, JoLynn, for bringing a truckload of wood!

My next post will be about my new studio.  An update on how its coming along.

Manabigama – LeVeL

Well…. Joe Frank did it.  Scott helped create a form and Joe Frank poured castable and concrete to level both the firebox and the kiln.  It, apparently, is now level and we are ready to begin building up, up  and away!

A Level Firebox

Firebox is now level.

Wooden form will eventually come off and we will begin bricking up the floor of the kiln.  The firebox is poured castable on hardbrick.  The kiln itself has concrete.  The firebrick will go ontop of the concrete.  Lets hope this baby lasts and lasts.  Personally, I have never poured anything but the keystone of a kiln (and used castable for the exterior).  Of course, to be perfectly honest, I have little experience building kilns.  I think I have participated in just one true kiln building class where we built a kiln from scratch.  So…. I just should keep my mouth shut.

Side view of Manabigama

Manabigama in construction - side view

On the right is the firebox (yellow brick = firebrick).  The wood frame is still there to hold the concrete/castable.  Next week we begin bricking the floor of the kiln!

We will have a wood kiln soon!!!!

I’ll keep you posted.