Join me for the Grand Opening of Pincu Pottery!

Sunday, May 23rd.  From Noon to 5 PM

80 Hwy 28 South

Refreshments provided.

Ribbon cutting at 2 pm.

Pincu Pottery business


ALL TOOLS 10% off!

Register for a Friday Night Goes to Pot class and bring a friend for free!  Up to 4 people (meaning 2 pay, 2 for free!)

These specials are only available on Sunday during the Grand Opening!

Stand Alone Studio

It’s done.  Paint is on the walls, potter’s wheel has moved in.  I just need to finish my counter and have the signs painted.  Oh – and get rack cards and other marketing materials out.

Thanks to Jeff, my wonderful husband, my parents who, at age 70, helped paint, and to all the well wishers out there.  I hope to open next week.

Here are some photos:

Pottery wheel in Pincu Pottery Studio

My wheel is in the studio!

Front door and setting pots out

Front door to Pincu Pottery

Gallery to Pincu Pottery

Pincu Pottery Studio - buy some pots!

There it is folks.  I hope to have tools for sale by the end of next week, too!  Stop by, chat, etc.  I hope to be in on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Thanks to all of you who have sent good thoughts to this new venture.  Stay tuned for class schedules, etc.!

New Kiln and Studio

Updating you all on my projects:

the new Manabigama @ Southwestern Community College

Bricking up arch

Bricking up arch - the beginning

View of poured castable key in kiln arch

View of poured castable key in arch

Joe Frank McKee looking at kiln

JoeFrank McKee having a look at kiln arch

Inside Kiln arch

Inside Kiln Arch

JoeFrank McKee and his students have worked diligently during Tuesday and Thursday night class to build the kiln.  So far, so good.  We have an arch.  Thursday the back is bricked in and we start the climb upwards for the flu/chimney.

If all goes right, we should be firing in a few weeks!  Yippers!

Thanks, JoLynn, for bringing a truckload of wood!

My next post will be about my new studio.  An update on how its coming along.