NC Clay Conference

Just back from the North Carolina Ceramics Conference held in Asheboro.  Six of us ladies from Southwestern Community College drove to the event a day ahead to have time to explore some potteries in Seagrove.

Headed to Seagrove?  I highly recommend visiting these potteries:

Bulldog Pottery – These two are GLAZE MASTERS!  My goodness…. their use of glaze materials to get the depth of surface is incredible.  Also, check out their lid system for their covered jars.  Amazing fit!

Westmoore Pottery– Traditional red clay slipware in a traditional tudor style building.  Visiting Westmoore is like stepping back in time.  If folk tradition is your thing, you must take a visit!  Beautiful, traditional pots.

McCanless Pottery –  Will had three distinct styles that he does quite well – a basic stoneware with lovely drawings based on maiolica tradition, beautiful crystalline glazes on classic vase shapes and traditional Seagrove Red on classical Chinese-type shapes.  All well-thrown and finely glazed.  You can also see some wonderful quilts by Scott Murkin, which adds to the pleasure of visiting McCanless Pottery.

NC Pottery Center – You cannot miss this museum/gallery hosting a historical museum of ceramics from the area as well as contemporary exhibitions.

There are soooo many potters in Seagrove, I am certain there are many others not to be missed; however we didn’t have time to visit them all and the above list is of those I visited and impressed me.

As for the conference,  it was great to be amongst ceramic lovers such as myself.  Two of my heroes in clay, Sarah Jaeger and Bruce Cochrane, demoed with Lorna Meaden, a fabulous potter.

The following is an image I took with my cellphone camera:

Bruce Cochrane with his demo pots completed

Bruce working on the wheel behind his demo pots.

Next year – NCECA!