Winter is Coming!

Ok Ok…. so I did watch the popular show, “Game of Thrones,” but only after long days of working really hard to make great pots!  And with winter comes the holiday season. So…..

My show schedule is set for the rest of the year and I wanted to let you know where I will be, in case you have some shopping to do.


19-20  Decatur, North Carolina   —  Centerfest  —–  Saturday and Sunday


3-4  Hendersonville, NC  —-  Art on Main  ——- Saturday and Sunday

15-18  Asheville, NC  —— Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands  ——–  Thursday thru Sunday

Hands pulling a pot

Widest Bowl Challenge. 2014 Clay Olympics.
photo by Tony Wu

6    Dillsboro, NC  —- Clay Olympics —- Friday from 1-3 pm

7    Dillsboro, NC —- WNC Pottery Festival —–  Saturday

27-28  Bryson City, NC  — Artisans Drive About, Swain and Graham Counties  —- Friday and Saturday

Elise Delfield, winner

That is me, with my Grand Champion’s prize, in 2013 at the WNC Clay Olympics. I WON!

Will I get my Etsy shop filled for the holidays?!  Lets hope!


Latest News


Have you seen the changes? I am not talking seasons but surfaces. I am talking about MY POTTERY! Since studying with internationally known and admired ceramic artist, Linda Arbuckle, I have had a love for painting on pots. Problem is, I was too shy to take it to the market. Well, after suppressing my desires this long, it was time to get to painting on my hand made pottery!

My new series of work is titled my ‘Peacock’ Series because of the wealth of color. It is inspired, still, by my natural surroundings – that red dirt and lush greenery. I guess lately I have been noticing more and more flowers, butterflies and other brilliantly colored natural things around me.

Cruet handmade
Cruet for oil, vinegar, or other sauce. Peacock series glaze.

SO DON’T MISS ME at these upcoming shows where I will display and sell my new work. They won’t last – the series seems to be a hit and it takes time to paint each pot to bring out its beauty.

OCTOBER 17 – 20


Asheville, North Carolina – U.S. Cellular Center

10-6 Thursday – Saturday

10-5 Sunday

$8 admission fee



Dillsboro, North Carolina

10-4 Saturday

$3 admission fee



Friday, November 1

Treehouse Pottery in Dillsboro, NC

Watch me compete against other potters for:

Tallest Cylinder

Widest Bowl

Blindfolded Throwing

Longest Pulled Handle

Last year I won the blindfolded competition and this year I am hankering to win the tallest cylinder!!!

Thank you all so much for reading this. Have a great FALL!!!

WNC Pottery Festival

Saturday, November 6 at 6:30 AM I will be outside in 20 degree weather to set up my booth for pottery fest. It will be my first outdoor art show in about 10 years. I am nervous, stressed and a little upset that I am being punished with this unusually cool weather that will make my tent sway and my teeth chatter (20 mile per hour gusts are predicted?!!!!)

So here is a YouTube video that I am re-posting from a link on Musing About Mud‘s blog that will get me and you in the spirit of this wonderful outdoor pottery festival!