Pottery Tools Available

Pincu Pottery now carries POTTERY TOOLS from various sources.

Come stop by and fondle some sustainable (bamboo)  fun shaped ribs:

Bamboo ribs

Bamboo Tools

Trim tools that may just come in handy:

Trim tools

Trimming tools

Japanese Trim tools

Japanese-style trimming tools

Coiled wires to make some fun cuts to your slabs or wheel-thrown pots:


Yumi - bamboo arc with coiled wire to produce texture when cutting clay

Textured Mats as seen on Martha Stewart!

Textured Mats

Textured Mats - wood, scales, brick, stone, etc...

Calipers, Circle cutters, brushes and More!!!

Circle Cutter

Clay Circle cutter


Pottery Tools Display

Pottery Tools Display

Detail of Pottery tools on display

Detail of Pottery tools on display


  1. Nanette · September 10, 2010

    Thanks for your help on locating the tools. I was able to find what I was looking for @ Bamboo Tools…and more!

  2. Nanette · September 4, 2010

    Can I buy a circle cutter and/or other tools from you on-line?

    • pincupottery · September 5, 2010

      I prefer not to sell tools online. All the tools I carry are available online from many other, larger ceramic suppliers. I am here to sell to the local pottery community and other walk-ins. Sorry about that. The circle cutter is sold by ChineseClayart.com.

      • Nanette · September 5, 2010

        thx. found info on line and ordered several items I have been looking for. I have not found the Yumi tool however, who sells that tool?

      • pincupottery · September 5, 2010

        The Yumi tool is sold by Bamboo Tools in Canada. I think there are other tools like that available elsewhere. Try Dirty Girls tools sold through various pottery shops. I like their tool, too and I think it is easier to find. Good luck!

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