Global Community Through Pottery

Australian Alan with Pincu Pot

Pincu Pottery Gone Global! Alan in Australia in his Rural Fire Service uniform and holding a Pincu Pot Mug

Two of the most awsomest pottery shows are about to happen and you have a chance to buy something incredibly special – and help out, too!

Go Global! Help our friends in Japan by bidding on a handmade art item and the money will go to help earthquake/tsunami victims!  Handmade for Japan Auction begins at 8 pm EST tomorrow (Thursday, March 24th)!


Be Global!  My favorite online pottery show opens March 25th (this Friday!)  The Akar Design Yunomi Invitational is an incredible show of handmade pottery from across our great nation.  The pots on exhibit, and FOR SALE, are yunomi’s – Japanese tea cups.  Only because they were made here, by our Great North American Potters, they are re-interpreted through ‘our’ eyes/hands.

Have fun browsing the incredible artwork, even if you don’t buy anything. That is the beauty of our ‘global community’ online! Of course, nothing beats holding a pot in your hands and examining the landscape of the pot left by the maker – but pictures will do if you don’t have the real thing. And I intend of having something real in my hands in the next few weeks after it’s shipped!!!

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