Pottery Shop – One year old and going strong!

Birthday Cake for Pincu Pottery

Pincu Pottery, in its current location, is One Year Old! Yipee! Cake by Home Sweet Home Delights in Bryson City, NC.

Sunday, May 1st, I invited guests to celebrate with me for Pincu Pottery’s 1st birthday. It was an incredible day!

My parents, Dan and Gloria, helped tremendously by purchasing a few much needed items in the big city of Asheville, where they live. Turns out the printer ink I use isn’t sold in Bryson City. Also, they bought food and other supplies. Both my parents and husband, Jeff, were there the entire day, helping to re-fill empty food trays, talk to folks and ring up purchases. They are incredibly supportive and I really appreciate their help and support!!!

More friends and students from Southwestern Community College showed up to celebrate than I expected, which was a sweet surprise. Thank you all! I was honored to have Laurie-Faye Long, accomplished potter, visit. She even bought something!

I posted a slideshow on my Facebook account; but for those of you not on Facebook, here is a small group of photos taken from Sunday’s Pottery Studio Birthday Party:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Maybe next week I will talk a bit about what it took to put this event together and the things I will try to do better next year. One thing I know I will do better is follow through on the door prizes! This year I just completely forgot! I have been overwhelmed preparing for this event as well as a fund raiser next weekend – and that door prize/raffle idea just got lost. So… if you did attend the party and want your ‘door prize,’ comment on this post!


  1. susan Campbell · May 13, 2011

    We had a great time at Pincu Pottery’s birthday party! We Mahmahs love your pottery and enjoy our collecting of same. Your folks are great. Hope Jeff is feeling better now.

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  3. Cindy Gilliland (DirtKicker POtterY) · May 3, 2011

    Congrats on year 1 !
    Your pottery is just gorgeous 🙂

  4. Dan · May 2, 2011

    And a wonderful time was had by all! Again, Happy Birthday to Pincu Pottery!

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