Timing: Pottery, Parties, Life

I do not wear a watch. I used to. In grade school I found myself glancing at my wrist all too often and getting antsy. What is this time thing? How come what can feel like ‘forever’ is only a few minutes sometimes and then what may take ‘forever’ only seems like minutes? I dropped the watch to keep from looking at my wrist so often. Now I look up and around for a clock on the wall or am forced to ask a stranger or worse, take my cell phone out of hiding to check the digital time (I must confess I love traveling to a different time zone and seeing my cell phone reflect the new time).

What does this gibber jammer have to do with pottery? Well, I said in my last post that I would talk about what went into the making of Pincu Pottery’s birthday party and what I can do to make it better next year. All I can say is that timing has a lot to do with whether your clay pot/sculpture is successful and whether your pottery party (or life, for that matter) is successful! Readers, you know how to prepare for a party – and a pottery birthday party is no different.

Not to bore you with details about last week’s birthday party plans and implements, I want to suggest:
IT IS TIME to register for my Southwestern Community College summer clay classes!
(How is that for making the connection between time, parties and pottery?)
I will be teaching a ‘Kids in Clay’ class beginning June 20 for 8 year olds and up. This class may already be full. Also, ‘Beginner/Intermediate Wheel’ begins May 17 and ‘Handbuilding with Clay’ begins May 16. These two are for adults only. They will be really fun!

By the end of a Beginner/Intermediate Wheel class, every student will make a teapot. Take a look at some pictures from my last wheel class:

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It certainly took time and timing to make those pots! And now it is time for you to take a pottery class and find out how time flies when you are having fun in the studio!!!!

Thanks for reading!!!!

Face Jug Workshop

Rob Withrow and Ted Cooley came to visit Southwestern Community College’s Heritage Arts program in Bryson City, North Carolina to show off their face jug style. They did a great job entertaining and teaching us how to make colorful, funny face pots.

Of course, the night started off with a pot luck, which means lots of fabulous food! Then Rob began working on his pots (about 3 feet each). Rob also brought one of his signature piggy bank pigs. When he and Ted were done with their first face, it was time for the students to get to work on their own.

This was a great workshop to share traditional Appalachian style pottery. Perfect for a school located in Western North Carolina! And all of our face pots will end up in our Manabigama kiln! Can’t wait to share those photos!

Enjoy the slideshow of the workshop!

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WNC Pottery Festival – Over and Out


I had a great time working the Western North Carolina Pottery Festival in Dillsboro, NC last Saturday!

But first, let me share my experience Friday during the Clay Olympics:

WHAT A BLAST!  I competed in the sleet and cold and didn’t make a fool of myself, nor did I win.

5 pounds, 5 minutes to make the tallest cylinder.  Then 5 pounds, 5 minutes for the widest bowl.  Lastly, blindfolded cylinder of 2 pounds of clay.  I must say, it was fantastic trying to throw while blindfolded.  Clay is such a tactile medium – we could all do it blind.  As for winning, I learned that the winners were those guys that took a risk – they pushed that clay to its limit and either failed miserably or won.  I didn’t take a risk in throwing – I was too scared I would be the ‘chick that can’t throw’.  SILLY ME!  Watch out next year, boys!  I won’t be silly again!

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Saturday morning started out not as cold as predicted – it was in the 30’s, not the 20’s.  So…. Off the family went to pitch a tent and set up the wares…. Mom, Dad, husband Jeff and myself

Setting up the booth

Setting up the booth

The day warmed up a tad, but was cold all day, with the clouds fluttering in front of the warm sun about every 1/2 hour.  Brrr…

Dad stayed the day and entertained passers by with chit chat.  Jeff went back to the Library for an author talk and Mom relaxed at home for a few hours before returning to help close up shop.

As for the turnout, I think it was down from last year, but still bustling.  Lots of folks came to talk, buy and browse. Leah Leitson, professor of ceramics at Warren Wilson College, stopped by with a few students.  I am sure she was impressed with the show.

WCU had a really nice booth of student work for sale, but I have to say… I really did think SCC had a FANTASTIC showing of talent!!!  Go SCC HERITAGE ARTS!!!

I am looking forward to this opportunity next year.  The show is well organized and usually a pleasant fall day.  Being so close to home, it is a no-brainer, as long as I get juried in.  And of course, count me in on the Olympics next year…. I’ll keep practicing and work on my no-fear, risk-taking attitude to win!