MudTools are Coming!!!

I just ordered some new ribs and other tools from MudTools.  They should be in next week!  Can’t wait.

Ribs by MudTools

Ribs by MudTools

And I am getting more molds from Bamboo Tools (as well as more tools)!

Octagon mold for hand building

wooden, octagon mold for hand building trays, plates, etc.

Bamboo Tools has a fabulous Youtube site where you can see how to use the molds.  Get ideas and go for it!  These babies can be used in your own home!  No extra special equipment necessary!

And don’t forget the old standby’s if you lose a tool or need a brush!  I have cheap brushes for wax resist, nice brushes for glaze work, etc.


  1. Michael Kline · June 30, 2010

    Thanks for the link to Bamboo tools. They look like they could be a nice way of working!

    I love mudtools, too.

    • pincupottery · June 30, 2010

      Bamboo Tools sell the Japanese trim tools, kana, that I like to use and cannot find elsewhere. Of course, I am a Dolan user, too, and carry their line, as well. As for the Bamboo Tools ribs, they are really unique! And don’t miss their videos. I thought it was genius to use their adjustable pot gauge to help cut slabs.
      Thanks for the comment!

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