Proud to be a Mountain Folk


Folks have lived in these mountains for centuries.  Some locals here in Bryson City can trace their families way back – part of this county (Swain)  is in the Cherokee nation, which means some folks here trace their family back before America was colonized.  With such a long history, there are many stories of people that have lived here.  Two wonderful ladies, Doreyl Ammons Cain and Amy Ammons Garza, want to make sure those stories are told and heard.  Their podcast, Stories of Mountain Folk, contains short interviews with folks that live in the mountains of Western North Carolina – folks that are traditional mountain folk and new mountain transplants.  Everyone that lives in these mountains has a story  – and if their story contributes to the art, culture and place of Western North Carolina, Doreyl and Amy are out to catch that spirit – their story.    I am proud to have been asked to be one of the Mountain Folk and proud that my husband, Jeff, was also interviewed about his banjo making.

Stop and have a listen to my interview and stories of other mountain folk, including my husband,  Jeff Delfield.  Each is just 1/2 hour long and pretty enjoyable!  Before I come on, here an interview with Jenny Johnson of the Swain Center for the Arts, too.  There are plenty of artful and crafty things happening in Swain County, my hometown!

Learn more about Amy and Doreyl’s mission to Catch the Spirit of Appalachia.

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