Classes starting soon!

The Heritage Arts Institute at Southwestern Community College is about to begin a new set of classes – starting September 14.

I will be teaching a glaze & clay calculation class – all about materials needed to make clay objects.  This will truly be an ‘academic’ type class, complete with a required text, “Clay and Glazes for the Potter,” by Daniel Rhodes.  I love glaze mixing – it reminds me of cooking, my other love – so this should be a good class.

I will also be teaching the Intermediate Wheel class, History of Ceramics and Low Fire Ceramics.   Check my history page for links to ceramic history sites.

Joe Frank McKee will also be teaching.  This time, Joe Frank teaches handbuilding!   Also on his plate is a Joined Vessels class.  That should be a good one.

Doug Hubbs will also be teaching his usual Beginning Potters Wheel.

Don’t miss out!  Click on the link to register or find out more about times classes meet, etc.!

Some student work:

Marvine's butter dish

Marvine's butter dish

Beth's first teapot

Beth's first teapot

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